About Us

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Leigh and I have owned a professional grooming salon for the past 30 years. I personally groom every cat that enters my store. My employees groom the dogs. My clientele stretches from Key West to Tallahassee as most groomers have opted out on grooming cats. My husband, Rick has worked for a cement restoration company for the past 25 years.

Our recreational activity is camping and trail riding on our own horses throughout the U.S. (this is why you will never see me sitting at a cat show on weekends.) When we get ready to go on a trip in our new, 40 ft. motor home, we trailer our horses, a couple of our cats, our Westie, Reagyn and any mom’s who are ready to give birth or newborn kittens. Alot of our kittens have traveled six or more states by the time they are adopted by their new human parents.

Over the years we have rescued many homeless cats. We are advocates of the T.N.R programs. If you are not quite ready to adopt a Maine Coon, there are countless numbers of rescue cats that are waiting for you to be adopted at your Humane Society or animal control or rescue groups on FB. These cats will give you just as much love as my Maine Coons will. EVERY CAT DESERVES A LOVING HOME!