Hollywood Jake

Hollywood Jake.. TV STAR

4-11-1997 — 10-28-2013

Never to be forgotten!

Along the way of raising Maine Coons, we have always kept a kitten ever so often. I have always been partial to the red cats. A litter of five red kittens were born and it was decided we should certainly keep one. As a kitten, he traveled in our motor home, always on the dashboard, wanting to say “hello” to the toll road money takers on the toll roads. He was EXTREMELY sociable to everyone! His first trip was to Tennessee where we were headed for a large trail ride with about 1000 other trail riders from all over. While we were eating lunch one day, Jake jumped on my husband’s Quarter horse mares back. We thought that was really cute and my husband decided to take Jake for a ride. After discovering how much Jake loved riding, he started taking him with us as we went riding for hours. People from all over would see this and be amazed! Then we even had western hats made for him as he loved to wear his hats while he rode just like all the other cowboys! Well, as much as my husband hated this, I would yell out, “This is Hollywood Jake and someday he will be a star!” Soon we started doing parades and realized Jake was at his best when the loudest bands were playing and there were thousands of spectators and now he was getting paid. Now newspapers from all over were picking up on his celebrity status. Then one day at my business, I got a call from Hollywood, Ca. asking where was this “Hollywood Jake” they had heard about! It was the producers of “Americas Greatest Pets” and they were sending out a crew to film Jake. Jake’s segment was aired over 50 times and was on “Pet Star” too. He then went on to do many commercials and a Maine Coon special featuring some of our other cats.

He has won “The Most Talented Pet in the U.S.” and taken second place in “The Most Incredible Pet in the U.S. (There was over one million entries) He was in People magazine and Cat Fancy did a special two-page story on him. Jake is still a “working cat” but semi-retired! Lately, he started a new hobby, kayaking!